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Stable isotope-based dynamic metabolic profiling (SiDMAP) is designed to unlock biochemical reactions in vitro, in vivo or in human subjects. SiDMAP determines individual variations, disease states and drug response via altered associations among biochemical reactions in a System using a single glucose or fatty acid tracer labeled either with 13C or 2H atoms. These harmless stable isotope tracers elevate isotope enrichment above natural levels in order to accurately trace biology via real time enzymatic reactions. [Ref1, Ref2]

SiDMAP ultimately generates an EZTopolome™ in order to visualize associations of biochemical reactions in the metabolic network, similar to the example below:

Sidmap Table

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EZTopolome(K-ras); isotopolome-wide association study (IWAS) array showing heat map (percent changes to untreated control (100%)) of flux responses associated with cholesterol and metformin treatment in BxPC-3 and the mutant K-ras (MIA PaCa-2) PDAC cell lines.  EZTop(K-ras) contains group averages as percent of control values in an identical, coherent matrix format with the source table 1.  Visual system-wide association study (SWAS) evaluations show the significant phenotypic differences as well as effects of cholesterol and metformin for a rapid overview of Results.

Publisher: Springer US, DOI: 10.1007/s11306-013-0555-4

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