About SiDMAP

SiDMAP provides metabolic profiling services, biomarker discovery services, and translational research services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and to biomedical research institutions worldwide.

Using proprietary stable istope tracer technology, analytic methods, and informatics tools designed to support the demanding needs of pre-clinical and clinical research, SiDMAP can monitor approximately 40 key metabolites and 340 metabolic pathway functions in cellular assays, animal models, and human subjects.

  • SiDMAP has a unique ability to identify drug effects on metabolic pathways system-wide
  • SiDMAP measures metabolic flux; not just static effects
  • SiDMAP helps to predict drug efficacy and toxicity in humans
  • SiDMAP conducts translational research, from cellular assays and animal models to humans

SiDMAP’s experience spans more than 50 industry-sponsored drug development programs and academic research collaborations across a broad range of therapeutic categories, drug classes and disease states.

We invite prospective clients and research collaborators to browse our website to learn more about SiDMAP’s technology, capabilities, and services, and to review our reference list of more than 100 publications and abstracts.

To discuss your research program and study objectives in confidence, please contact us today.

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