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SiDMAP’s scientific advisor delivers talk showing single [1,2-13C2]-D-Glucose tracer cross-labels intracellular stearic acid and better traces mechanistic rosiglitazone response than what was obtained with extracellular [U-13C18]-stearate incubation in a separate study using HepG2 cells.

Talk – O1B-3 – 9th Metabolomics Society 2013 Conference, Glasgow, UK

July 02, 2013

 Cross-labeled 13C -stearate Fate Detection in the [1,2-13C2]-D-Glucose Derived Isotopolome Improves System Wide Associations when Compared with External [U-13C18]-stearate Incubation in Rosiglitazone Treated HEPG2 Cells.

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