Laszlo G. Boros, M.D.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Boros is currently an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA and the Co-Director of the Stable Isotope Research Laboratory at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.  His primary focus includes cancer cell metabolism with the use of specifically labeled 13C-glucose tracers and mass spectroscopy. Born and educated in Hungary, Dr. Boros’ medical background includes three years of gastroenterology and pancreatology, focusing on chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. He spent two years as a visiting scholar in Essen, Germany, studying various animal models of chronic pancreatitis. In 1990, he moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he joined the history-making laboratory of Drs. Zollinger and Ellison, who described hormonal regulatory mechanisms involved in pancreatic cancer growth with a primary emphasis on diagnostics and treatment. In 1995 he became the lead investigator to apply stable isotope technologies to study cancer growth in vitro and in animal models at UCLA. He is an expert in applying metabolic profiling and nanotechnology to further understanding of aggressive growth in kidney and other particularly aggressive cancers. Dr. Boros also participates in clinical research projects targeting population metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and obesity, their link with cancer, and is involved in discovering the underlying mechanisms of rare metabolic disorders arising from genetic mutations affecting vitamin transport.

Dr. Boros’ current collaborators include investigators from international pharmaceutical companies, biotech industry, and prestigious academic institutions, the Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health. Dr. Boros’ mission as a physician scientist is to improve health with the use of targeted tracer fate association studies (TTFA or TTFAS) as standard clinical tools for metabolomics in pre-clinical and clinical development efforts, as well as their therapeutic efficacies in the population.

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