SiDMAP is the first company to offer targeted isotopolome-wide profiling services and 13C tracer-based system-wide associations that link genomics, proteomics and drug effects with time dependent enzyme reactions in the same isotope-tested metabolome. The isotopolome generated by SiDMAP targets the collection of metabolites that are labeled (tagged) after incorporation of the 13C isotope from a specific 13C-labeled substrate (most often [1,2-13C2]-D-glucose in vitro and [U-13C6]-D-glucose in vivo).  These elevate 13C content to trace biologically relevant (robust) System response to disease and drugs through their known fates in metabolism. [U 13C16]-palmitate is also a useful tracer for targeted fatty acid and acetyl-CoA labeling studies, yet their interpretations require great skills fatty acid transport is compromised by certain drugs and disease conditions.  SiDMAP applies tracer biology not only as substrates but also as tags to follow a broad set of biological events.

The transfer of 13C among metabolites marks the linkage of pathways via enzymatic reactions from the single 13C-precursor to known carbon positions of hundreds of products, which yield thousands of fragments by electron impact ionization mass spectrometry.  SiDMAP determines associations among targeted products and fragments to best answer specific biological questions by its capabilities of delivering results in an optimized format (see below) rapidly (within 4 to 6 weeks).  SiDMAP’s IWAS, SWAS and PRISOMATCH platforms are designed as data interpretation tools.

1) SiDMAP array™ and EZTopolome™ matrix – data recording and storage (comma separated – excel, tabular, American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII))

2) Isotopolome-wide association study (IWAS) – functional and responsive biological links in an isotopolome, established over time (visual-excel)

 3) System-wide association study (SWAS) – reaction patterns upon a challenge by drugs or substrate environment, established over time (visual-excel)

 4) Phenotypic phase plane analysis of tracer-accumulation metabolomics – (graphic format)

 5) Precursor/product isotope matching (PRISOMATCH) – large molecule turnover, best used with additional molecule separation methods, antibodies/gels, no tracers are necessary but low enrichment tracers may be desired

 Please download the SiDMAP Project Proposal Worksheet to initiate services

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