Once SiDMAP and the Client have executed the Master Services Agreement and ordered the necessary quantity of stable tracer isotope, it is typically the responsibility of the Client to conduct the in vitro, in vivo or human experiment after obtaining institutional review board approvals.

Upon completing the experiment Client freezes (-80 oC) sample materials, for example cell pellets (>1 million cells), organ pieces (>200 mg), bodily fluids (>200 microliter), before shipping samples on dry ice to SiDMAP for analysis.

All SiDMAP services are completed in a four to eight week time period after sample shipment. Informatics processing takes 1 to 2 working days after collecting (TTFAS) or receiving (PbS) of raw spectra files. Consultations are for 2 hours at final data delivery and can be continued at an hourly rate of $750.

For the majority of targeted tracer fate association study (TTFAS) projects, SiDMAP services include:

  • Pre-study consultation and protocol design
  • Stable isotope ordering, compounding
  • Shipment (third-party isotope supplier; some clients may order directly from the supplier)
  • Intake, logging, freezing and preparation of study samples for shipping

For the majority of Powered by SiDMAP (PbS) projects, SiDMAP services include protocol transfer, manuals, two weeks laboratory training, continued by a one-time 20 working days technical support for:

  • Extraction, derivatization and GC-MS analysis of samples
  • Spectra processing for background (noise) and natural 13C enrichment processing
  • Saving and fitting raw (comma separated; .CSV) data from lab instruments towards in house analysis platforms
  • Does not include consumables recharge and/or mass spectrometers.
  • Exact pricing will be given at the time of specific inquiries.

Additional services not included in Powered by SiDMAP projects, that require additional charges, are:

  • Uploading raw (comma separated; .CSV) spectra files to the SiDMAP Informatics Platform (no sample ID but sample grouping needs to be provided to utilize SiDMAP’s visual and statistical aids)
  • Quantitative isotopomer analyses
  • SiDMAP Master Data Interface, SiDMAP Array™, Metabolic Animations, and Written Interpretations
  • Electronic delivery of interim and final results, via EZTopolome™
  • In-service and post-study consultations regarding biology

The Infrastructure of SiDMAP reliably empowers all preclinical, clinical, personalized, and population based integrated isotopolome- and system-wide metabolomics studies.

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