Targeted Tracer Fate Associations

Targeted Tracer Fate Association Study (TTFAS) is an exclusive service offered by SiDMAP.

It determines associations among ~440 pathway functions in each sample using a single 13C-glucose or 13C- palmitate tracer. It is applied in in vitro, in vivo, preclinical, investigational and human studies and it reveals how homeostasis responds to a challenge.

Its main advantage is the visualization of System-wide enzyme specific substrate-product relationships and response to drug effects while offering flux driven surrogate (mechanistic) biomarkers of drug responsive multiple enzyme reactions. TTFAS requires administration of the harmless tracer with multiple drug dosing and/or time points to establish associations.

TTFAS targets common, abundant metabolic products and their isotopomers without the need to determine unknown products or use annotations during data delivery and interpretations.

A Targeted Tracer Fate Association Study provides commanding discovery, diagnostics and System biology tools in the hands of biochemist physicians. With experience it aids all aspects of translational research. Isotopomer associations require informatics tools that are readily available through SiDMAP.

TTFAS has been applied for pharmaceutical research, and validated by the FDA for drug toxicology biomarker development.

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