SiDMAP’s System-Wide Association Study (SWA or SWAS) approach enables drug development based on the understanding that biological reactions are connected, constrained and optimized. By linking pertinent pathways through functional associations (SWAS) using SiDMAP’s single 13C or 2H labeled substrates, SiDMAP technology can be used to determine optimal metabolic phenotypes of cells or organisms in response to challenges over time, via increasing drug doses, individual (personalized) response, or changing substrate conditions.

TTFAS and PRISOMATCH are exclusive services offered by SiDMAP and all technologies listed below are part of our platform.


The SiDMAP technology is integrated with informatics capabilities which allow monitoring over 440 metabolic pathway associations in a single assay. SiDMAP technology platform deploys simple, single quadrupole mass spectrometry methods, along with tracers that are safe to use in animals and humans, and require no special training or licensure to handle.

For example, oncogene-specific distribution/substitutions of isotopic tracers in the metabolome generate the ONCOisobolome, which readily reveals transformation driven abnormal associations in the metabolic network using SiDMAP’s informatics tools.  The OBisobolome is the result of obesity specific cross-labeling of the metabolome using a single, usually 13C-glucose or 13C-palmitate tracer.

Furthermore, SiDMAP identifies clinical markers of product turnover using Precursor/Product Isotope Matching (PRISOMATCH) which is designed to reveal associations in natural and low isotope enrichment conditions and their variations.

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